New Chapter: Becoming a Dad

I am joining a new chapter in my life: becoming a dad. My life change completely on January 20th.

I am a dad now.

I begin writing this text, staring at the white computer screen, with a white noise playing in the background, mimicking the soothing sounds of rain for sleep.

To my left, my wife.

To my right, my daughter, only a few days old.

This is not my usual side of the bed to sleep on. In these early days, we are learning about her sleep habits, reflexes, and the safest crib setup. So we are changing who take the “observant” role.

Becoming a father, in these few days, is causing me to rethink my own concept of productivity and finding my “flow” in daily life.

Ah, productivity!

It seems like the modern world is always chasing after it, as if it’s the magical key to success. However, for me, productivity is more than just meeting goals and deadlines. And now as a dad, wow, it changes!

It’s about finding joy in the process, savouring every small victory along the way. As I pursue my ambitious goals, I anchor myself in the daily satisfaction of what I do. It’s like building a castle of blocks—each brick laid is an achievement, a step toward something bigger, but also a source of contentment in the present moment.

I believe the true magic of productivity lies in balancing passion for what we do with a vision of great achievements.

It’s not just about checking items off the to-do list, but cultivating a mindset where each task contributes to a larger purpose. 

I seek happiness in small things, in the flow moments while working, knowing that every effort brings me closer to my grand dreams. 

It’s like navigating a path of stones towards fulfilment, enjoying the journey as much as reaching the desired destination.

Becoming a father is like discovering a new universe, where every smile from my little treasure is a bright star illuminating the deepest corners of my soul.

However, we can’t ignore the challenges that come with this extraordinary gift. 

No one prepares us to become a dad

No one prepares us for sleepless nights, inexplicable cries, or diaper changes. 

It’s like suddenly finding ourselves on a stage, with no rehearsals, trying to understand the notes of a song we’ve never heard before. 

It’s a monumental challenge that forces us to grow and hone skills we didn’t know we had. 

Parenthood throws us into the deep waters of responsibility, where we swim with strength, sometimes drifting, but always with love as our compass.

Despite the challenges, the beauty of watching a little human being grow, flourish, and discover the world is a reward that transcends any difficulty. 

It’s like planting a seed and witnessing the daily miracle of its growth. 

Parenthood is a dance between the unknown and wonder, a delicate balance that, even without an instruction manual, reminds us of the human capacity to love, learn, and evolve.

I write these words with half-closed eyes, but with a heart full of a love that transcends any fatigue. 

By my side, my equally exhausted wife, with an unwavering determination to ensure our daughter is cared for with all the attention she deserves.

The challenges of parenthood reveal themselves every night as we exchange tired looks, wondering if we are making the right decisions. 

Sleep becomes a scarce resource, but it’s surprising how paternal instinct awakens an inner strength that surpasses any lack of rest.

It’s the constant awareness that we are now the guardians of a life, responsible for shaping the future of a little soul entirely dependent on us. 

Worry intertwines with our thoughts, from the most trivial details to the grand plans for tomorrow. It’s a constant dance between the desire to offer the best and the uncertainty of whether we are doing enough.

However, even in the most challenging moments, there is a unique beauty that reveals itself in the journey of parenthood. 

The silent connection we share when taking turns in the early hours to cradle the little one in our arms. 

The meticulous care in changing nappies and attending to the smallest details, as if each gesture is a tangible expression of our love.

Family life, despite the restless nights and days filled with tasks, is a treasure shining amid fatigue. 

Every move of our daughter, every grateful glance exchanged with my wife, are moments that transform fatigue into gratitude. Family life is a complex symphony, where the soft tones of concern blend with the vibrant notes of unconditional love.

Even in moments when exhaustion threatens to obscure the vision, we remember that we are part of something greater. Parenthood is a journey that challenges us, shapes us, and constantly reminds us that the true meaning of life is intertwined with the emotional bonds we create. 

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, every sacrifice is an investment in the future, and every sleepless night is a reminder that we are building memories that will light up our days for eternity.

Parenthood emerges as a school of life, offering valuable lessons that transcend the boundaries of the family sphere and directly reflect on our professional skills.

The need for patience and empathy in dealing with the incessant demands of a baby prompts us to develop a deeper understanding of the nuances in human relationships.

The sense of responsibility acquired through parenthood reverberates in the professional environment, transforming us into more reliable and committed leaders. 

Managing the complex demands of parenthood teaches us to prioritize and balance multiple tasks effectively. This “time management” skill becomes a considerable advantage in leadership, where making quick and efficient decisions is crucial for the success of the team and the organization as a whole.

An Organized Dad

And finally, how is someone like me, a productivity, data, and control enthusiast, dealing with this moment where it’s so difficult to control things?

Well, when it comes to data to track things and our princess, we are using a specific app to create a Baby Tracker. 

This tool allows us to monitor various aspects of her care, ensuring she is getting the right amount of milk, tracking what goes into the diaper, observing if she is getting the necessary sleep, and daily reminders for vitamin D administration, crucial in Nordic regions.

Baby Tracking
Baby Tracking App

Additionally, the app covers various other features that make it easy for a dad to track the development and well-being of our daughter. 

With this tool, we can maintain a detailed record of daily activities, helping us adjust the routine as needed and ensuring all her needs are being met in the best possible way. This also helps us communicate information efficiently with the paediatrician at each appointment.

Hey, you might be looking at this and thinking, “What’s up with this? Come on, dude, just be a father and enjoy the moment. No need to micromanage everything like a control freak.” 

Well, guess what? This is just how we roll. It’s our way of feeling secure, and it’s the way our family tackles life – in our own unique style!

And reading, that has been a key thing to this website? Well… I haven’t been able to read much during the day, but on some nights while caring for her while she sleeps, I finished a book.

This blog will keep going, now as a dad blogger. Soon, I want to share some reflections I’ve been having about doing less and producing more at the same time. Almost a lazy manifesto for life adjustments to better manage our energy.

I am happy. A happy dad.

We are happy.

It’s been really great! The pleasure I have for writing only increases with this new life!!!

Mom is perfect. Mom is the soul. But dad can do it together!

Dad may not have milk, but he can walk around the house.

Dad may not have milk, but he can sing.

Dad may not have milk, but he can dance.

Dad may not have milk, but he can care.

Dad may not have milk, but he has a warm chest.

Dad may not have milk, but he make smile.

Dad does a lot!

I am incredibly grateful that you have taken the time to read this post.

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